Welcome to the Scramble

Welcome! Whether you’ve stumbled across my blog because you saw the title and were looking for a frittata recipe; I know you in real life and begged you to click into it so it looks like I actually have readers; or you’re really interested in my weird little life- thank you for visiting!

How did it all start? Well. Begin with one husband; add two spicy toddlers, one sausage-shaped dog who thinks he’s a child, and several goldfish that keep mysteriously going belly-up; mix with one career that has nothing to do with the $50,000 in student loans at which I’m slowly chiseling away- and there you have it. Welcome to my life.

Every minute of my day seems to toss me around like an egg in a pan (now you get the title?) But there are these moments…these calm, other-worldly gems that sneak into the day-to-day circus and remind me that, despite the chaos…who doesn’t love scrambled eggs? Well, except my vegan cousin, but you get the point.

I wanted to capture these moments to share with my children later in life, so I started jotting them down. Then I thought, hey, there are lots of parents out there! Why not share with them too? And there are so many non-parents who read blogs! Why not scare the hell out of them? I mean…illustrate for them the serene joys of parenting…right, yes. That second one.

In any case, welcome to our craziness. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


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