Timmy & Lassie

Sometime between turning off the Yankee game and making one last sweep of the house for stray sippy cups, I realized my little shadow, Rocco, wasn’t at my feet. I crept towards the kids’ rooms and saw that Vince’s door was cracked open, so I peeked in. There he was, our little sausage with legs, wiggling around on the carpet.

My heart immediately grew three sizes. That faithful old dog had nosed his way into his favorite little boy’s room just to be near him. Perhaps I could bring his pillow downstairs for the night- that would be such a nice surprise for Vince.

“Gosh,” I thought, melting into a big puddle of sentiment (as per usual), “I really underestimated just how close these two have become!” Over the years, Rocco’s hesitancy has really blossomed into a true companionship with Vince. They watch movies together; they share snacks. And now he couldn’t even bear the thought of being separated from his little buddy even overnight. As I stood just outside the door, watching his pure glee as he wiggled and danced next to his “brother’s” bed, my mind was flooded with so many warm memories.

I thought back to my childhood companion, Dasher, who patiently let me cloak his fluffy black and white fur with my baby blankets. And then there was Sammy, the energetic puppy who slept at my feet each night, gently tapping his paws as he dreamed. Maybe Rocco & Vince would end up sharing a room for the rest of Rocco’s years, huddled under a blanket fort while Vince read books by flashlight…

As I was envisioning this epic Bromance, Rocco trotted out of the bedroom and, to my sudden horror, I realized that dance wasn’t a glee wiggle. That was his “Ahhh, I feel better” shimmy.

I’m pretty sure Lassie never snuck into Timmy’s room at 10:30 at night to crap under his arts and crafts table.

And then had the audacity to ask Timmy’s mother for a cookie.

Sometimes I really think I’m losing control of this zoo.

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