Things I Hear Every Morning


“Mommy, just wait until Daddy gets home tonight. He’ll fix it. He’s an engineer.”

“Mommy, maybe you should let Daddy do that later. You’re not an engineer. He’s an engineer.”

“No thanks, I can do it by myself. I’m an engineer like Daddy.”

“Look! My shoes look just like Daddy’s shoes! We’re twins.”

“Daddy likes chocolate milk just like I do, you know.”

“Do you think Daddy will want to watch the Dragon movie with me tonight?”

“Do you think Daddy will want to play Legos with me tonight?”

“Do you think Daddy will need help with the yardwork tonight?”

“Do you think Daddy will want to go to the movies with me this weekend?”

“Look! My toothbrush is next to Daddy’s toothbrush!”

“I think I want to shave all my hair off so I look more like Daddy.”

“Daddy’s car is so cool. I really wish we could go to school in his car.”

“Daddy is my best friend forever, you know.”

“I miss Daddy. Can we call him? (sniffle)”


“Where Daddy?”

“Daddy sleeping?”

“Daddy at work?”

“Daddy come home now?”

“No! Daddy dress me!”

“No! Daddy brush my teeth!”

“Go swimming with Daddy?”

“Blow bubbles with Daddy?”

“Look! Look! Daddy’s shoes!”

“Look! Look! Daddy’s glasses!”

“Look! Look! Daddy’s Mickey Mouse Cup!”

“NO! Go in Daddy’s car!”

“Want Daddy. (sniffle)”

Things I hear every night


“Mommyyyy, I want YOU to give me a bath/fill my cup/tuck me in/read me the books!”


“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy, need milk! Mommy, I pooped! Mommmyyyyyy!”


“See? I told you, they don’t like me. They never want me.”

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